My Trip to India for the Women’s Economic Forum Delhi – Part Two

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I am loving India. In many ways it reminds me of Jamaica- the culture, the heat the friendliness of the people makes me feel very much at home

I slept until about 10.00am, this is the clear sign of jet lag. Once I got myself together I delighted in a full breakfast of a cheese omelette, fresh juice and fresh fruits. Absolutely delicious. Compared to the taste of London fruits, there really is no comparison.

I spent the morning replying to emails and completing an interview for the Voice  newspaper. I had been sent the questions for this interview before leaving for India so it was time to reply as the Voice want to run the piece next week.

Sulinder and I found out that a friend of ours was in India at a clinic being treated for cancer of the liver, colon and now lungs. We just could not believe the synchronicity that he was here in India the same time as us. What were the odds? To me this was divine timing and it was obvious to us both that we were all here at this time for a reason. Without hesitation Sulinder and I jumped in a taxi and went to see him at the hospital.

Riding in the taxi to the hospital was an experience, in fact I could not believe how similar India is to Jamaica. The street buzz with people selling freshly squeezed sugar cane, melons and mangos for sale, clay pots and all manner of  tools on display, such a unity in how people interact together – to me it was a reminder of what real roots and culture is all about.

When we arrived at the hospital Sulinder and I gave our friend the biggest and warmest hugs, He was so overwhelmed to see us that in fact the whole experience seemed serial. In fact, the last time we were all together was around Sulinder’s dinner table in Clapham Common and now here we all are, in an Indian hospital. The odds of us being here at the same time as him was just out of this world. We put it down to divine timing.

It was painful yet joyous to hear our friend’s story of how he discovered that he had cancer and what were his options moving forwards. Somehow it all felt like he was coming to terms with his journey and really realising that he too had the power to heal himself if he was able to get to the root of his mental emotional and spiritual issues. He broke down in tears and Sulinder and I swooped him up in our arms. Now you have to understand that he is a proud African man whom I am sure has never cried in front of his wife let alone two Goddesses, however I feel that was really that start of his letting go, him accepting that he has been in denial about his condition for years, which I believe is the first steps of healing – acceptance.

Sulinder and I massaged his feet and hands and I put my hands on him and gave him an Alexander lesson. He is so beautiful , he was more concerned that we ought to be sunning ourselves at the pool and preparing for the All Ladies League conference the next day. To us it was about being in the moment with him, and supporting him on his journey with as much love as possible.

We had arranged for the taxi to wait for us for one hour- two hours later we were ready to leave and we were delighted to see the that taxi was still there when we exited the building. Our friend was looking and feeling on a high with all of the injected love he felt from Sulinder and I and we felt proud. So, not only only are we able to walk in stilettos, we are able to walk our walk of healing in heels. Sulinder and I have been to hell and back in our lives and have managed to heal ourselves and still healing, so it was easier to empathise with our friend and offer our healing energies to him.

Somehow I feel our friend is going to sleep well tonight, from the attention of two angels that surrounded him. Yes I do consider us as angels spreading love and light.

When we arrived back at the Novotel Hotel, we were famished, so we went straight to the hotel restaurant and had dinner. Delicious as usual. Sulinder had a massage booked for 8.30pm, so I shoed her where to go, then returned back to my room for my beauty sleep. What an amazing day. What an amazing life we live. Thank you universe.

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