My Trip to India for the Women’s Economic Forum Delhi – Part Three

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Sulinder has food poisoning. She has the shivers and a temperature of 102. My God what happened? All we had was dinner at the hotel last night and this morning. Sulinder looks and feels like death warmed up. I’m actually Ok. I suspect that the food poisoning  came from the fact the meal we ate at the hotel yesterday evening was luke  warm and not piping hot as it ought to have been, which we both noticed at the time whilst eating our meal, but we were so hungry we just got on with it.

To add to this the toilet in our room was leaking and we woke up again to find a pool of water in the bathroom. I was not impressed as the same thing happened yesterday and after the maintenance man came we thought it was fixed. I wanted to change rooms and insisted that the hotel provide another room for us. However with Sulinder being bed bound moving rooms seemed like a massive inconvenience as well as bad timing.

Whilst Sulinder slept I went downstairs to the hotel reception to register us for the Women’s Economic Forum. Of course I rocked up in my Laboutines and was flocked by women who constantly complemented me on the way i walk in killa heels and well as the way I looked. I realised that I stood out from the crowd as it appeared that so far I was the only bald headed Laboutine wearing black woman representing Jamaica there.

After registration I checked in with Sulinder in our shared hotel room, and she was in a bad way. She was shivering and groaning and moaning with stomach gripes. I put some socks on her and an extra duvet and sat with her for a while until she fell asleep. I went back downstairs and networked for a while, but at that time the attention I was getting with every other woman approaching me wanting to take a picture with me, and asking me what line of work I was in, just seemed a bit much for me, as I was not really in the right frame of mind to mingle. I was worried about Sulinder and felt the draft of not having her on the shop floor with me.

By now the hotel had informed me that they had another room ready for us to move into which was on the 5th floor. Although I was happy about that, I knew that moving rooms would involve us having to pack all of our belongings up, and as Sulinder was in no fit state to take part, the job was left to me. So I flung everything of mine and Sulinders in both our suitcases and called the porter. I was feeling stressed and tired, but no way as bad as Sulinder. Sulinder went on ahead to the new room, then once she was in bed, I unpacked both our belongings, then went downstairs for more high heel attention.

After finally being able to prise myself away from everyone wanting to talk and take pictures of me  I went to check in on Sulinder again and she was no better in fact she was now saying that her joints were hurting. I suggested that we call the doctor which I did and he came to see her in a flash. He said she had a bacterial infection and prescribes antibiotics as well as Calpol. I have never seen Sulinder look so ill in all my days, I was so worried about her.

Sulinder wanted the curtains drawn with no light shining through so after the Doctor left I decided that I had enough attention for the day and decided to go lay by the pool. I fell asleep in the sunshine for about an hour and a half and I felt rejuvenated when I woke up. I thought I’d better go check on Sulinder and when arriving to the room, she woke up and greeted me with a groan. I was concerned that she had not eaten since yesterday, but she had no appetite. All she need was rest.

By now I had plucked up the courage to go back downstairs for an onslaught of attention, and mingled for another hour. It was way past dinner time now and it was being served. I wanted to bring some soup to the room for Sulnder but the buffet was not serving soup, so I selected a small amount of food , rice, nan bread and vegetable for her and I and managed to carry both plates balancing myself in killa heels, in the lift the  5th floor, and negotiate the room key to enter the room without the food plummeting to the floor. I amazed myself.

Sulinder was grateful to eat a little food, in fact just a few mouth full, before deciding to sleep again. I was exhausted and went to bed and was praying that Sulinder was better by the morning.

What a full on day…I was glad to be in bed by 10.30pm

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This post was written by Chyna Whyne