My Trip to India for the Women’s Economic Forum Delhi – Part One

May 15, 2016 7:14 pm Published by

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This is my first time travelling to Delhi – and what a welcome when I arrived at the airport to see the status figurines of palms with messages of love, light and joy on the walls of the airport. To me, this was a great symbol of India’s spiritual basis and openness to life.

I am travelling with my business Director Sulinder Parylo who is originally from India so I am honoured to have the added support of her being here with me.  The heat hit us outside the airport, and we immediately started to de-robe from the layers of clothing we were wearing in London.

When we arrived at the Novotel Hotel, we were welcomed with such great warmth and top standard hospitality from the members of staff, that it made us feel truly humbled. After checking into our rooms, I booked an Ayurvedic massage which I have to say was AWESOME, followed by a relaxation session by the pool. If you know me at all, you will know that one of my favourite pastimes is to lie in the sunshine, by the pool. Having said that, I did have to wait until at least 3.00 when the temperature was slightly cooler, as it is roasting hot here.

Dinner was amazing. The buffet style selection of food was colourful, well prepared and tasted like heaven. No greasy curries or overly spiced food, just perfectly prepared cuisine Indian style. Loved it!

After dinner, I spoke with my record producer in Jamaica and he put me on loud speaker to talk with the musicians who are laying the rhythm tracks for my album. The musicians were all so excited and shouted me their love by phone. Barry O’Hare my producer played me what they had recorded so far. I was also overjoyed and delighted to hear that my video “Sexy Baaled” was Pick Of The Week for the second time running in Jamaica, and number 9 In the Hype TV charts. Off the hook!!!

By 12.30 it was time to get my beauty sleep. What a blessed life I have, I am so happy and grateful.

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